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A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure the presence and location of all identified ACM at the workplace is indicated with weatherproof warning signs, constructed of lightweight material, adequately secured, and comply with AS 1319: Safety signs for the occupational environment.

Sign Locations: 

  • Any areas of a workplace that contain asbestos, including plant, equipment, and components, should be signposted with warning signs to ensure the asbestos is not unknowingly disturbed.
  • Signs should be placed at all the main entrances to the work areas where asbestos is present. 

Warning and Caution Asbestos Sticker

Various label design options – stickers are designed to be placed on or next to the identified ACM. 

Material:  Self-adhesive vinyl 

Sizes:  Small signs in various sizes. 

Cost $13.00 per label excluding GST


Yellow Asbestos Caution Sign – 24 cm x 13 cm or 13 cm x 24 cm

Material: plastic

Size 1 option: H 24 cm x W 13 cm

Size 2 option: H 13 cm x W 24 cm

Cost: $35.00 per sign excluding GST


Yellow Asbestos Caution Sign – 7 cm x 19.5 cm

Material: plastic

Size: H 7 cm x W 19.5 cm

Cost: $30.00 per sign excluding GST 

Yellow Asbestos Caution Sign – 4.5 cm x 25 cm

Material:  Self-adhesive vinyl 

Size: H 4.5 cm x W 25 cm

Cost: $25.00 per label excluding GST


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